Why Everyone Should Play the Harp!

START HARP flyer showing Shelley Fairplay with her harpThe harp is, in my opinion, the GREATEST beginner instrument of all time!

As long as it is in tune (which, thank goodness, due to modern technology we can do with an app on our iPhones or with an electronic tuner) the harp will sound great whatever notes you play.

So often people tell me they haven”t a musical bone in their body. They then try the harp and are stunned at the beautiful sound they can make!

Unlike many woodwind instruments there is nothing to “put together” before you play, plus the harp looks AMAZING.

So seriously, what”s not to love? START HARP today!


START HARP is an easy to follow, flexible and affordable online course that will take you on a musical journey from the comfort of your own home!

‘I would recommend this course for anyone who has ever dreamt of playing the harp. The ongoing support and advice, not only from Shelley herself but from the rest of the group through Facebook and Q&A sessions, has kept me focused. And it”s fun! What more could you want.‘ Pauline Jones, START HARP Student


Interested? Click on the course titles below and you”ll be taken to further information about START HARP and details of how to register:

Not sure which level to take? Spend a few minutes taking the Harp quiz to help you find out!

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