Lap harps – Treasure or Trash?

Lap Harps – Treasure or Trash?

One man”s trash is another mans treasure.

All harps welcome!

I have long felt that the lap (or knee) harp has been viewed in this light.

To some it is the harp for beginners looking for an inexpensive starting point, it is the therapy harp, the wonderfully portable harp, an instrument perfect to sing to, the storytelling harp.

To others it an instrument limited in range, does not have the resonance they desire, it may have no chromatic capabilities and it is sometimes considered not a ‘proper harp’ because it cannot play orchestral music.

What is it to you? 

Whatever the type of harp you have, my online beginner course START HARP is about making it a treasure and allowing you to enjoy creating beautiful music from day one. In the first Beta class one lady used a 12 string non-chromatic lap harp and learnt to read music, play tunes by ear, improvise, and some great foundation harp technique.  So whilst a lap harp may not take you to the Albert hall, it really can awaken your inner harpist!

I have 15 harps and have been using them to teach “hands on harps” workshops for years, I know for a fact they have inspired many people to take up the harp. I meet people years on who tell me they now have their own harp, take lessons and love playing the instrument. It gives me chills just thinking about that. Amazing.

When it comes to learning the harp,  what truly matters is that you start!

Learn basic harp techniques

So please do not wait any longer, if you have always wanted to play the harp, or you have made the first steps and would like to take your beginner journey further visit for details!

Following the successful launch and first class that started in January 2016, the next class for START HARP LEVEL 1 (BETA) starts on May 12th 2016. Registration is now open and you can sign up for LEVEL 1 by clicking >>HERE<<.

START HARP LEVEL 2 (BETA) is about to run for the very first time, also starting on the 12th of May. Registration is now open and you can sign up for LEVEL 2 by clicking >>HERE<<.

Not sure which level would be best for you? Take this fast quiz >>HERE<< to help you find out!

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