Three Reasons I Love Teaching the Harp Online

START HARP flyer showing Shelley Fairplay with her harpCreating START HARP as an online course has opened up a whole new world to me! I”ve always enjoyed teaching but never thought I would enjoy running an online course so much.
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Why do I enjoy it? Here are my top three reasons!

1. Bringing music to life
I LOVE creating the play along tracks for students, knowing that when the student is practicing a single note on their harp they will get to play along with my accompaniment, making it sound fun, beautiful, and like real music from day one.

2. Take two
I love that I can edit my videos, removing anything I say that might be confusing or re-record sections that I think don”t work. It”s wonderful to be able to reflect on the lessons and really refine each one, perfecting the learning experience for my students.

3. Offering flexibility
In my experience, every student has natural strengths. But they will also have areas they need to develop and will often need to repeat a lesson with a teacher more than once before an idea or a concept “clicks”. That”s why I love using online teaching. It means video tutorials on improvisation and playing music by ear can be played again and again by START HARP students without having to wait until the next lesson.



So these are the top three reasons I love online courses what are yours?

Tempted to start learning the harp online?


START HARP is an easy to follow, flexible and affordable online course that will take you on a musical journey from the comfort of your own home!

‘I would recommend this course for anyone who has ever dreamt of playing the harp. The ongoing support and advice, not only from Shelley herself but from the rest of the group through Facebook and Q&A sessions, has kept me focused. And it”s fun! What more could you want.
Pauline Jones, START HARP Student


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