Fiona Angwin

I’ve enjoyed Start Harp from the very first week. Even with my little 12 string lap harp, all the teaching sessions are relevant, and the mix of theory, improvisation and playing by ear is a joy. I’d never tried to play the harp before, and I’m hooked.

Kate Adams

I’ve always wanted to learn to play the harp and START HARP has made it possible as it’s accessible at times that are convenient for me. The fact that the course covers learning by ear and improvisation as well as reading music from the page means that you can start to play recognisable tunes from … Read more

Pauline Jones

I would recommend this course for anyone who has ever dreamt of playing the harp. The ongoing support and advice, not only from Shelley herself but from the rest of the group through Facebook and Q & A sessions, has kept me focused. And it’s fun! What more could you want?

Lorraine Tucker

Shelley is an amazing teacher and performer, it’s been a privilege to be a pupil on her online course and also to hear her perform. Her warm and caring personality and talent always shine through.


Each Immersion gives you at least a particular warm-up technique, a “moving on technique” (something extra special), Everyday Exercises, the main tune (with sheet music), a “Tune by Ear” (another tune taught without sheet music), and ideas for improving and extending the tune.


The separate Startharp Immersion workshops are a fantastic experience, either live (when Shelley records them as a 2hr+ webinar chat) or in the replay videos (posted in the online classroom). She covers essentially a week’s worth of Start Harp curriculum (like an immersion into the Start Harp program) but on two tunes that aren’t in … Read more

Ivy Ching

Shelley is a phenomenal harpist and harp teacher! She is knowledgeable, patient, positive, reliable, trustworthy and very hard working. She is also a very caring person.

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