Lorraine Tucker

Shelley is an amazing teacher and performer, it’s been a privilege to be a pupil on her online course and also to hear her perform. Her warm and caring personality and talent always shine through.


Each Immersion gives you at least a particular warm-up technique, a “moving on technique” (something extra special), Everyday Exercises, the main tune (with sheet music), a “Tune by Ear” (another tune taught without sheet music), and ideas for improving and extending the tune.


The separate Startharp Immersion workshops are a fantastic experience, either live (when Shelley records them as a 2hr+ webinar chat) or in the replay videos (posted in the online classroom). She covers essentially a week’s worth of Start Harp curriculum (like an immersion into the Start Harp program) but on two tunes that aren’t in … Read more

Ivy Ching

Shelley is a phenomenal harpist and harp teacher! She is knowledgeable, patient, positive, reliable, trustworthy and very hard working. She is also a very caring person.

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