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LEVEL 3 consists of videos and written materials designed to help you work on theory, technique, new repertoire, improvisation and playing by ear.

This course has a focus on learning to play in different keys (up to 3 ♭’s and 3 ♯’s) and how to modulate, change key and use levers/pedals. We also look at:

Techniques “Moving on”: Harmonics, different ways of damping, 4th finger slides, thumb slides,
 mid piece lever/pedal changes and trills.

Think Theory videos:
 Reading and writing pedal chart, the circle of 5ths, modulating to join pieces together, learning new key signatures, learning about relative major/minors.

‘Spotlight On’ lessons: Practice techniques,
 avoiding aches and pains, extending repertoire quickly,
 preparing to perform and learning to teach yourself.


“Shelley’s online Start Harp courses (Levels 1, 2, and 3) offer an *amazing* amount of content and a solid foundation in technique and tunes. It. Is. Worth. The. Money.

With 12 months to access the online classroom, you can come back to the videos again and again, and you can download the sheet music and exercises to practise and enjoy forever.” Rebecca


LEVEL 3 – The Brief 12 – Week Overview

Week 1
This week we dive into learning about sharps/flats and keys. We play in Eb Major with exercises and our focus tune ‘At Kingcombe’. We also learn about thumb slides and have a ‘Spotlight on…’ lesson.

Week 2
What is the relative minor? Playing a natural, harmonic and melodic minor scale, the ‘B’ section of ‘At Kingcombe’, learning to playing the ii7 -V7 -1.

Week 3
How to use ii V I cadence to move to a new key. ‘Moving Technique’ Spread/Rolled/ Chords. Bb Major/G minor. Circle of 5ths and more!

Week 4
This week we are working in F major / D minor. Our tune focus will be on Handel Passacaglia and our ‘Moving on Technique’ looks at playing harmonics.

Week 5
This week we have reached C major / A minor on the circle of 5ths which we all know! So we will also look at pentatonic scales, and focus on technique required for 4th finger slides and harmonics.

Week 6
Review pieces, techniques and keys from the first 5 weeks, an opportunity to catch up, ask questions and use the key flash cards!

Week 7
This week we will learn about G Major / E Minor, work on our new piece, there is a ‘Spotlight On’ video regarding practice techniques and we learn to modulate from Am to G major.

Week 8
D major and B minor, how to setting and playing scales/arpeggios in new keys, FOCUS PIECE: Purcell Ground, hints and tips on preparing to perform, how to move from G major to D major.

Week 9
New Keys: A major and F# minor, more practice on 4 note inversion chords. Moving on Technique: Trills. New tune ‘One in a Trill-ion’. Learn to improvise with an ostinato. A ‘Spotlight On’ video with some ideas for extending your repertoire quickly! Modulation of D major to A major

Week 10
Looking at all the keys and moving levers/pedals mid piece. We review of all keys and how to work them out. Moving between keys using flash cards. Using semitones mid-piece. We look at writing out keys, including pedal charts and levers.

Week 11
Re-visit the circle of 5ths, a group play-a-long, reading and wiring pedal and lever settings/changes, more extended techniques and creating a soundscape!

Week 12
REVIEW! What have you learned in START HARP? A chance to review and reflect on what you have learnt in START HARP level 3, also to plan your next steps as a harpists and say farewell to your fellow classmates!

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