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In LEVEL 2 we begin to learn how to put your foundation harpist skills into play; working on fluidity, confidence and really owning your abilities.

Each week you will be introduced to a new repertoire piece and given activities including warm up ideas relating to the piece, exercises to help you master tricky sections and ways to extend and add to the piece to “make it your own”.

The course is based solely in C major. The elements focused on in LEVEL 1; technique, learning by ear, improvisation and reading from the music will all be developed further in this course. We also cover the “modes” and the theory of basic chords and inversions.

If you follow all the lessons, by the end of the course you will have 10 pieces you can enjoy playing and even perform if you would like to!

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your course.  Level 2 was so good and clear that I decided to do Level 1 before taking Level 3 in September.  The course is excellent as it caters for different requirements and skills – those needing help with reading music, rhythms, ear training and technique.  Also the sessions and online chats were fun and your PDF notes of each session were good.  I have no criticisms.” Karen Barry


LEVEL 2 – The Brief 12 – Week Overview

Week 1
The course format, exercises, techniques and our first piece!

Week 2
This weeks tune is called: Procrastination Blues, we will focus on technique and improvisation. Also we will look at pitch bend/slides options on the harp.

Week 3
This week we will focus on a tune from Cuba! We will be working from a ‘lead sheet’ format and look at different ways of working with the chord symbols.

Week 4
This weeks tune is a Welsh Ground, in the Everyday exercises we will focus on consecutive placing and playing triad inversion shapes. We also learn about playing quaver triplets.

Week 5
This weeks tune is the very well known Skype Boat song. We look at how this is based in the Pentatonic Scale and how useful that is for improvisation. We also learn about major and minor chords.

Week 6
This week gives you space to catch up, practice anything you feel you have not quite got to grips with and time to enjoy playing your favourite pieces from the course so far!

Week 7
This week we will learn about some types of grace notes, the dominant 7th chord, continue to develop skills working with inversion chords and how to create a simple introduction and coda.

Week 8
This week we will focus on a beautiful tune from Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, often referred to as the ‘Shepherd’s Prayer/Hymn/Song’. We all work on the I vi ii V progression and 4 note inversion shapes.

Week 9
This week our tune is Scarborough Fair, which ties in with learning about the modes as it is in the Dorian Mode.

Week 10
This weeks tune is called ‘Bryn Melyn’ which gives us the opportunity to practice playing more grace notes. We also learn a short tune by ear in Aeolian mode which is in 5/4!

Week 11
Our tune this week is a Calypso called ‘A Cheerful Goodbye’, fitting for our final lessons week! We will also learn to play a riff in the Mixolydian mode and learn a little tune by ear in this mode.

Week 12
A chance to review and reflect on what you have learnt in START HARP level 2, also to plan your next steps as a harpists and say farewell to your fellow classmates!

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