START HARP IMMERSION – “Caught at Insole” Lesson




A BETA test session for students who either taking or have already completed START HARP Level 1, 2 and/or 3. 

This session will run live 3pm-5pm BST Sunday 5th August 2018, you can now sign up to join the live session and to gain access the recorded lessons afterwards. There will be a short break after about an hour during the live session. 

When you sign up you will automatically receive a confirmation on email and then 48 hours before a link to the online classroom and invitation to the live chat. 

As well as learning the tune “Caught at Insole” we will:

  • Play a warm up together at the beginning.
  • Look at exercises related to the piece to focus in on tricky sections (everyday exercises!).
  • Look at a technique for using pivots the left hand, this can enable us to play wide stretches (e.g. 1-5-10 or bigger!).
  • Practise some fun improvisation ideas that can be used to extend the piece.
  • We will look at 2 very different ways of interpreting and playing the piece.
  • We will have a playing by ear challenge too!

You will have 12 months access to these videos. It is rather like one week of a START HARP 12 week course!

Full price START HARP IMMERSION will be £35. Keep an eye out for discount codes via my Facebook page and mailing list. 

Here are some comments from students who tried the last IMMERSION:

  • Insider info…..don’t miss it but prepare yourself to be bombarded with info in the nicest possible way??
  • Don’t miss it! And don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed if you do it live. Shelley basically fits a full week of Start Harp into 2 hours, so it’s a lot to take in live — but then you can go back and work with the videos as you’re already used to doing in Start Harp. Or you can miss the live bit and just do the videos afterward. I did my best learning of Spiralling Shoots after the fact, when my brain was quiet and I could hear myself think and appreciate what I was playing.
  •  I couldn’t join live so learnt it from the recordings, which are great.
  • I was glad to be on the live presentation, although it was early in the morning. However, due to more pressing priorities, I tabled my practice efforts for a future time—hopefully, in September. That is a benefit of the Immersion structure. Sign up for the class and add to your repertoire when you are ready.
  • I also saw it in the replay. It’s great to be able to go over everything slowly…