Prepare, Study, Perform (in 6 Weeks) – 20th February 2023


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Course begins 20th February 2023

A 6-week course where you will study the piece of your choice to perform to the class, alongside going on a journey to explore learning strategies and head space when playing which may well transform your approach to learning and performing ANY PIECE OF MUSIC for EVER! 

You can be at any level to take this class and will be invited to choose your own piece (although Shelley will provide a number of pieces in the class for to you work on if you prefer).

The emphasis will be on many of the ideas that weave through all the Fairplay Harp School courses. Initially we will work on discovering overview of the music (such as genre, pattern spotting, form/shape of the piece) preparation of the score (e.g. adding fingering, levers/pedals, any other markings to helps us), we will then discuss practice methods, pinch points and create exercises from the music and work on our pieces, checking in with the group and workshopping each week using tried and tested ideas to help us progress. Yes, of course the metronome will be used!

This course can be accessed whatever your level. It also follows on well from the Flourishing Harpist 12 week class as it will enable a focus space to put into action many of the ideas studied during the course. if you have any concerns or questions please email Shelley on

“This is one of the most valuable courses I have taken.  Learning a process for how to approach a new piece and really doing it step-by-step helped so much and made my practice time most efficient and successful.  Spending time in the music, marking it up, listening to recordings all before playing were invaluable pieces of the process that I know I would have done quickly and ineffectively prior to this course.  Even though I now know the process and can put it to use on my own, I would take this course again to work through the process with the feedback and support of the other participants—this was also an important part of the course.”

Kimberly Woods, Spring Class 2023

What will we work on?

  • Overview of your chosen music
  • Preparation of score
  • Pinch point exercises specific to chosen piece
  • Using a practice diary
  • Mindset (including acceptance)
  • Metronome use
  • Sharing challenges to the group
  • Written tasks
  • Playing tasks
  • Working on the groove of your piece (I believe this works with any genre!)
  • Finding escape and rescue points
  • Accountability
  • Motivational goal of end of class performance in the safe space of the group

Due to the individual approach of this class, pre-recorded content for this class will be less than in other Fairplay Harp School courses. Shelley will be guiding you on a more individual basis during the course including weekly tasks, some written and some playing. If you are unable to make the live sessions you will be encouraged to send in your homework task in advance and watch the response as a replay afterwards.

The written and pre-recorded course materials will be delivered weekly via Ruzuku on Monday for 6 weeks.

Our optional (but please attend if you can!) live workshop sessions will take place on Tuesday 9.30am to 11am British Time.

“I found this course much more rewarding than I was anticipating. Shelley, as usual, went to extraordinary lengths to make sure we knew what was expected at each stage of choosing and developing a piece for performance.  It was more challenging and in-depth than I was expecting, but until you go through all the aspects of playing for others, it is surprising what might trip you up and the preparation is key.  Shelley, with her clarity of focus, reached out to each one of us and brought out our potential in ways that were both effective and insightful, and it was fun.  It’s a course of great value!”
Mike Fox, Spring Class 2022

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Prepare, Study, Perform

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