Hands On Harps at Margam Abbey – Saturday 25th February 2023


Never played the harp but would like to try it?!

Become a harpist for a day at Margam Abbey!


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Become a harpist for a day at Margam Abbey! 

Never played the harp but would like to try it?!

The Harp is the National Instrument of Wales yet many people living in Wales have never even touched one!  On the 25th February I will change that for adventurous first time harpists,  from plucking their very first note in the morning through to being invited to play as part of the Dynamic Harps Ensemble Concert at Margam Abbey later on the very same day!

I love teaching ‘Harpist for a Day’ sessions because I believe everyone should get to have an experience like this – especially in Wales, where harp is the national instrument.  I structured it so that even if you’ve never played a harp before and have no previous experience of music reading or performing, you can truly participate and have the full experience of learning, rehearsing and performing along with an ensemble (optional!) – so it’s not just a learning experience but a wonderful day of fun and harp-playing together!

This session is open for adults and children aged 7 and above are also very welcome to join us. All children must be accompanied by a fully participating adult. If you have any additional learning requirements please let me know via email in advance of the session (

The timeline on the day:

11.30am-12.30pm – ‘Try the harp’ session, maximum of 30 participants. There are 15 lap harps (16/17 string) available, depending on sign up numbers you may be sharing an instrument one between two.

1pm-2pm – You are welcome to stay to watch the ‘Dynamic Harps Open Rehearsal’. They will be rehearsing ahead of their concert. If you would like to play with the group, I will invite you to join in by playing along with a tune or two that we will have learnt during the ‘Try the Harp’ session earlier in the day.

2.15pm-3.15pmDynamic Harps Ensemble Concert. Come and see the ensemble perform! You will also be welcome to join us to perform a tune or two that we will have learnt during the ‘Try the Harp’ session earlier in the day.

We want to make these sessions as accessible as possible, so please sign up below for FREE. If you feel able on the day to make a contribution for your harp hire and professional lesson fees (cash only) that would be wonderful, there will be a donation box available on the day. If you would prefer, you can contribute by purchasing one of my CDs which will be available on the day (cash only).

If you sign up you will be sent an automated email to confirm your booking, and then an email from myself (Shelley Fairplay) a few days before the event with final details. Just pop in your diary that our session begins at 11.30am at Margam Abbey on the 25th February and I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you and with all best wishes,

Shelley Fairplay