CD Album “Alone Together”



An all original line up of music written and performed by Shelley Fairplay.

Scroll down and click the mini little arrows (>) to hear two teaser tracks from the CD, Seren Fach and Autumn in the Moonlight. 

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An all original line up of music written and performed by Shelley Fairplay.

2020, the year live music stopped. Or did it? Out of silence, isolation and an intrepid desire to continue to share, new musical journeys have emerged for musicians throughout the world. 

Shelley’s third solo album ‘Alone Together’ is dedicated to the harpists and was created as a celebration of a new path of collaboration, support and mutual happiness in harp music forged out with her harp students across the globe. 

The music is diverse in style, taking inspiration from traditional, classical and pop genres. This recording was made on a Camac Ulysse electro acoustic harp and several tracks use a loop pedal. 

“It has been an exhilarating and emotional voyage writing original music for the Fairplay Harp School in 2020/21. I am delighted to be able to share my own performance of a selection of the pieces here. Seeking solace in music, the students of the Fairplay Harp School have shown an incredibly high level of dedication and enthusiasm playing these tunes written specially for them. Working on the music as solos and within the Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble there has been a remarkably strong sense of community and support shown for one another, truly creating a feeling of being “Alone Together”. Thank you harp hands around the world!”  Shelley Fairplay 2021

Want to hear some ‘teaser tracks’?! Have a listen here:

Seren Fach (Abigail’s Lullaby), written for my first born, my daughter Abigail


Autumn in the Moonlight – Aeolian Mode, a woodland dance perhaps?!


Full Track Listing:

  • Autumn In the Moonlight 
  • Sweet Nothing
  • At Kingcombe 
  • Hidden Treasures 
  • Views of Somerset
  • Calm Our Voices in Dreams
  • Dearly Beloved 
  • Canoe for One
  • Dreaming of Dyffryn
  • Seren Fach (Abigail’s Lullaby)
  • Mixit
  • Lullaby in Springtime (Sebastian’s Lullaby)
  • Perhaps I will  
  • Alone Together (The Dynamic Harps Ditty)
  • Still Share the Sun 

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