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6 Week Online Course for Harp

A foundation course covering how to arrange, write and play pop/rock music on your harp with pizzazz!

It’s a Pop Harp Course, it’s a Rock Harp Course, it’s a Loop / Looper Course for Harp!

NEXT START DATE September 2024 – This class runs once a year only 

The course includes looking at ways that looping ideas (with or without) a looper pedal, can enhance your Pop/Rock playing. The looping section of the course will cover using the ideas on acoustic instruments, amplified harps and electric harps of all shapes and sizes so everyone is very welcome.

BONUS – handouts and videos covering the basics of amplification and a sneaky peek and information on Shelley’s favourite effects pedals.

My target it to send you away at the end of 6 weeks fully equipped with ideas and techniques that will enable you to arrange and play your favourite pop tunes to your liking for ever more, and even write your own. This is not a course about learning a specific pop or rock tune, it is a course aimed at enabling you to play any pop or rock tune over time, and to provide you with a library of ideas you can refer to forever.

We will not be learning any well-known pop or rock tunes as these are all in copyright, but don’t feel disappointed, we use ‘road maps’ (a term pinched from the oracle and all round harp maestro Deborah Henson Conant) of a few well know numbers to help us on our learning journey together. These ideas will work in exactly the same way with the songs they shadow if you want to learn those later.

With regards to looping I will be teaching you some of the ways you can use loops in your playing for pop and rock music. I will not be covering how to use specific types of loop pedals/apps, as there are so many different types and so many YouTube tutorials on specific models (we can of course use the group ‘hive mind’ to research specific models and trouble shoot during the course!)

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How will we learn together?

  • Six weeks of pre-recorded video lessons and play-along tracks released on Monday alternate weeks this term (90 to 120-minutes each week) delivered to you via online learning platform Ruzuku.
  • Sheet Music and handouts to keep for ever
  • Six 90-minute Online Zoom Q & A / Workshop sessions, alternate weeks, if you cannot attend live you can submit questions and watch the replays.
  • “Out of Hours” assistance via closed Facebook group (‘Pop with Pizzazz’ for Harp) for course members only.

What do you need to have/be able to do to join?

  • You will need to already play the harp to at least advanced beginner level and be able to read music to an advanced beginner level. (If you do not already read music and would like to be able to access this course please check out my START HARP courses.)
  • A laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone to access the online materials
  • Access to a printer to print out handouts
  • A Harp with at least 2 Octave range and levers. If you play a harp with less strings and/or no levers check out my START HARP courses 1 and 2 which I have written to be accessible on your instrument.

All Patreon subscribers can receive and additional £20 off the course with code shared direct, so do check out my Patreon account >>HERE<<. This can be subscribed to for as little as £2.50 a month and cancelled at any time (although obviously I hope you will love it and stay forever!)

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