FREE WEBINAR – “Modes Reloaded” Celebration – An introduction to the 7 Modern Western Modes

FREE WEBINAR FOR HARP PLAYERS with Harpist Shelley Fairplay

Sunday 6th February 2022 at 3.30-4.30pm GMT

This FREE webinar is taking place in celebration of brand new book release “Modes Reloaded” by Shelley Fairplay, a book which includes 7 Original Modal Pieces and Modes Wheel + 2 Bonus Traditional Tunes for Solo Harp.

Once you have signed up using the form, I will email you over the Zoom link details by midnight GMT on Saturday 5th February 2022.

During the webinar we will:

  • Discuss what we mean by a mode in music.
  • Try out the 7 Modern Western Modes.
  • Learn a trick to remember the order of the Modes.
  • Learn to play the main theme of “Mermaids Tail in the Woods”, an original tune in Mixolydian mode taken from Shelley’s brand new book “Modes Reloaded”.
  • Be introduced to the Fairplay Harp School Modes Wheel, originally developed for the 6 week online harp course, now available in the book. It enables the user to find and check any mode in any key at a glance!
  • At the end of the Webinar a discount for the next 6 week online Modes course will also be shared. In celebration of “Modes Reloaded”!

All paper copies of books ordered before and during the live webinar will be signed by Shelley Fairplay. If you would like to order your copy ahead of the webinar you can pre-order it via this link:


Sign up and find out what on EARTH I am going on about! If you cannot attend live you are welcome to sign up anyway and I will send you a link to watch the replay after the session.


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