Is the Harp an Elitist Instrument?

START HARP flyer showing Shelley Fairplay with her harpPeople perceive the harp as only accessible to a privileged few, but is this true, and more importantly, does it need to be true? This is a question that”s troubled me for a while and driven the development of my online START HARP course.

Yes, absolutely, an instrument costing £1000 or more is a huge investment and a very large sum of money for most of us to find.

Inevitably, this means that children are encouraged to take up the flute, clarinet or keyboard – all of which can be accessed for a much smaller sum.

Making the harp accessible

But what if you could take your first steps right now on a harp that costs less than £200?

With START HARP you can.

START HARP is an affordable and flexible online course, which you can use to learn to play either the traditional pedal harp or lap harp.

The benefit of a lap harp is its relative low cost compared to the pedal harp. Of course, this inexpensive instrument won”t take you to the Albert Hall but it might just awaken your inner harpist and allow you to take the first and most important step on your journey to playing the harp!

I’ve enjoyed Start Harp from the very first week. Even with my little 12 string lap harp, all the teaching sessions are relevant, and the mix of theory, improvisation and playing by ear is a joy. I’d never tried to play the harp before, and I’m hooked.
Fiona Angwin, START HARP Student

Have you always wanted to play the harp? Do you want to take your playing to the next level?


START HARP is an easy to follow, flexible and affordable online course that will take you on a musical journey from the comfort of your own home!

Interested? Click on the course titles below and you”ll be taken to further information about START HARP and details of how to register:

Not sure which level to take? Spend a few minutes taking the Harp quiz to help you find out!

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