From Blue Peter to an Online Harp Course!

START HARP flyer showing Shelley Fairplay with her harpSince January 2016, I”ve been testing my new online course – START HARP. I”m excited to be running a course which is flexible, affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter where they live. (Find out more about START HARP.)

Working hard to encourage people of all ages and musical abilities to start playing this amazing instrument made me pause for a second and think why do I play the harp?

Honestly? It”s just something I”ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember!

But my mother tells me that Blue Peter* was to blame.

They had a wonderful harpist perform on the programme and apparently I was transfixed! I talked about harps, looked for harps and idolised harps from then on!

My parents said if I learned piano, then at the age of eleven I could take up the harp. Luckily for me, we bumped into a harpist at a concert when I was nine years old. She let me try the harp and I played a tune from my piano lessons without any help. She offered to teach me and the rest is history!

(*Little known fact – I once won a Blue Peter badge for drawing a picture of a spider fitting an energy saving light bulb!)

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It”s amazing how one opportunity to try the harp changed my life it could change yours, too!


START HARP is an easy to follow, flexible and affordable online course that will take you on a musical journey from the comfort of your own home!

‘As a complete beginner I’ve found the course fantastic. There is so much content (much more than in a normal weekly music lesson) but you can take it at your own speed.’ Fiona Angwin, START HARP Student


Interested? Click on the course titles below and you”ll be taken to further information about START HARP and details of how to register:

Not sure which level to take? Spend a few minutes taking the Harp quiz to help you find out!

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