Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble

Dynamic Harps Virtual Harp Ensemble

A FREE offering to all harpists around the globe to come together in friendship, peace and harmony to enjoy our wonderful instrument and distract ourselves from COVID-19.

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Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble

We meet once a month online to celebrate playing this wonderful instrument together, with around 60-80 harpists across the globe meeting live and over 170+ access the course, it truly is a joyful experience and we would love to welcome you along too!

1st Tuesday of each month 8.00PM to 9.30PM British Time

2021 Dates:

5th January 2021
2nd February 2021
2nd March 2021
6th April 2021
4th May 2021
1st June 2021
6th July 2021
3rd August 2021
7th September 2021
5th October 2021
2nd November 2021
7th December 2021



Following on from a successful 10 week BETA run of Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble (see our first group video >>HERE<<), and a 4 – Workshop ‘Summer Camp’ version of the group (see our second collaboration video >>HERE<<)  I have decided to keep weekly meetings going so we do not all miss each other too much! On this page you will see some of the testimonials I have received from the first term online, quite frankly I am overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response and cannot wait to welcome YOU for the very first time to the group, or alternatively back for more! See you online soon.

What? A once a month ensemble meet up to enjoy and celebrate this amazing instrument together.

When? Tuesday evenings 8pm-9.30pm British Time, usually on the 1st Tuesday of every month (but will vary occasionally, please check dates above and keep an eye on your emails once you have signed up)

Where? Online via Zoom

How? With your computer, tablet or smartphone and harp

Who? Anyone anywhere in the world wishing to enjoy harp music with friends, to take our minds off COVID-19 


Shelley’s teaching was brilliant making people feel at ease and encouraging for the early harpist as well as the more advanced. Excellent well done.

I have been teaching Dynamic Harps weekly since 2013, and suddenly we are unable to meet in person! I think we all need the joy of music and collaboration now more than ever, so as many others are doing, I have taken our meetings online.

Shelley is a generous, fun and extremely apt teacher. Having completed her free beta version of Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble, I would not hesitate to take a paid class with Shelley in the future. She really knows how to teach to multiple levels at once and the music is beautiful!

How can we be an ensemble online?! Well we can’t in the true sense, but I aim to teach the ensemble music in a way that is still be enjoyable and satisfying even though you will only be able to hear yourself and me playing most of the time. The sessions will be interactive and I will occasionally ask willing individuals to un-mute and play to me  to make sure we are all learning and getting the rhythms etc. You will be emailed a link for music in advance of the session so you can print it out ready to play from. I will use Zoom as the platform for us to meet, this can be accessed via computers, tablets or via smart phones.

What an amazing experience! I loved the welcoming feeling I got each time I signed on for our weekly practices. No matter what your level you will feel wanted and appreciated. Shelley’s enthusiasm, energetic and down to earth personality combined with her teaching skills always left me feeling happy that I learned new things and looking forward to the next week’s practice. From learning about the importance of shapes, new warm-ups, kerfuffles, glissandos, and on an on the Dynamic Harp Virtual Ensemble is just that – DYNAMIC!

We include a social element in all this, we will be able to chat by text and have a ‘tea break’ where we can un-mute in small breakout ‘rooms’ and natter in the middle and after the lessons.

If you cannot make the live sessions you can still be a part of this! If you would like to be able to access the replays of the ensemble sessions you can subscribe to my Patreon account Tier 3 (or 4) to receive a monthly replay. Even if you can make the session live you might like to be able to access a replay afterwards, as anything you want to double check later you will be able to jump back into the video lesson to re-watch and remind yourself.

All things being equal, I am hoping to create a Christmas collaboration video in November with you, you will be invited to send in a recording in for that!

PLEASE NOTE  – This is ensemble learning, not to replace anything you are doing already with your studies or regular lessons. This is an extra add on!

Shelley has so much enthusiasm, drive and passion for teaching the harp. She is determined to ensure everyone gets the best possible experience. The ensemble was an amazing experience and I felt so welcome and valued. She truly wanted everyone to enjoy the experience and stopped at nothing to provide the best experience possible. Thank you so much Shelley! I will certainly be doing more courses/workshops with Shelley in future and would definitely recommend.

What will I expect from you?

Commitment! It really is lovely if you can come along to the sessions to get to know the group and really feel part of this. I am making this FREE as there will be many of us across the world who will have reduced income or be unable to earn for a spell. I want this experience to be available to everyone and anyone so we can all help each other be ok during this very exceptional time. At times like this I wish I was a nurse or a doctor and could practically do something, but I am not, I am a harpist. So, this is the best I can come up with to do anything useful, I hope it will be great fun!

Following on from the initial 10 sessions course, many students have asked to pay for the next workshops. This encouraged me to set up a Patreon account which you can read about >>HERE<<, it really is not necessary for you to subscribe but if you are able and would like to support me that way you are of course welcome. PLEASE do whatever is appropriate to you right now, but I really want you to join the ensemble either way!

Shelley’s energy is out of this world. She provided this workshop and harp ensemble for harpists worldwide during the pandemic, which was a weekly lifeline for me and I’m sure others. The effort she puts into preparation for all levels, making pieces interesting and fun, accessible to all, flexible, challenging, pushing you to improve, is all so inspiring. Shelley you are fantastic! Thank you for the bottom of my heart!

Are you in?!

Please sign up by clicking this following link:


Shelley is a breath of fresh air with her exuberant, fun but reassuring teaching style. I treasured Being a part of this virtual ensemble during the pandemic and would happily sign up for other harp adventures with Shelley 😊

See you online!

With all best wishes,

Shelley Fairplay

This ensemble was a remarkable experience. Shelley is such a supportive, encouraging, creative, intuitive teacher. Her energy comes through the screen. She can somehow tell how more than 70 students are learning and target just what we needed to succeed. Shelley somehow makes it seem like yes, of course, we are all wonderful musicians no matter what our background or experience. The arrangements were all beautiful and accessible to all levels. Her arrangements and improvisation exercises taught me more than years of trying to figure out music theory and arranging on my own. I learned so much about playing as part of an ensemble, learning to embrace imperfection, and how to have fun with music in a way I never had before being part of this wonderful group.




Get ready to use the meeting platform Zoom, if you have never used it before they have a training video you can watch here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting).

To join the Zoom classroom:

1) Download the app (it takes a minute or two to download and sign up)

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id546505307

From a laptop: https://zoom.us/

2) Please find some headphones you can wear during the session if you have them and also aim to set your computer/laptop/mobile/tablet on the left-hand side of your harp so I can see your hands and face while we are rehearsing together.

Join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DynamicHarpsVirtual/


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