Coach and Connect Program

BRAND NEW Year Long Program

Coach and Connect

This will be a game changing gift either to yourself or a loved one! Do know someone committed to moving forwards with their harp playing and thriving? This full set of courses throughout the year will offer extensive support, joy and an exciting place of harp discovery. It has been an utter joy to watch the full time Fairplay Harp School students flourishing, I cannot wait to guide the Coach and Connect students even further along the path of enjoying, thriving  and exploring this incredible and diverse world of harps and harp music that we cherish. Shelley Fairplay

This new program is now underway and sign ups are closed until further notice, if you would like to be on the FIRST TO KNOW list when spaces open up please email me on 

If you are interested in thriving at your harp and studying within a supportive community then book a FREE Harp Chat call with me today and we can discuss one to one if the Coach and Connect program will be a good fit for you! Click >>HERE<< to book a time slot! 

Coach and Connect – Year Long Program Includes:

Access to EVERY SINGLE COURSE running September 2022 to August 2023. In addition to the video lessons and sheet music, brand new for Autumn 2023, all four 12-week courses will all run with the live Q & A and playing homework feedback sessions taking place twice a week with two different start times to make live access easier for our harp friends around the globe.

Access to EVERY SINGLE REPLAY of ALL online courses I have ever created – 30+Short courses, 4 twelve week courses and 4 six week courses. A varied library of ideas, concepts, techniques and happy harping! A conservative estimate tells me this amounts to more than 170 hours of content split across over 1000 individual video sessions just waiting to be explored.

Access to the BRAND NEW weekly Coach and Connect Dial In Sessions (taking place at different times to enable greatest global access) where we meet to create and track our harp goals, work on mindset, plan our study path through the harp school, plan our harp practice for the week, celebrate highs, explore challenges. We will be using the Fairplay Harp School Weekly Dial In Sheet, Practice Diary and Individual Progress Matrix during these sessions to help direct all your effort and attention on to what you are trying to achieve, so you can thrive and flourish to your full potential. Each week we even commit to what we will do to help us thrive at the harp even if we can only find 5 minutes of time to focus on our playing in a day.  If you can’t make the session live you can catch the replay!

Access to the BRAND NEW Practice Club with Harp Surgery, a weekly meet up to practice at the same time as our global harp family and support one another where I will be on hand to answer questions about anything you are working on, be it one bar in a piece, a rhythm, a technique, anything at all! We will be utilising breakout rooms in zoom during these sessions to create the space you need to get the best out of the sessions. Can’t make the session? Just send me your challenge in advance either written or as a video and you can catch your answer on the replay!

Harp Social Time (taking place at two different times to enable greatest global access) following on directly after two of our weekly classes. You can use these to chat with our global harp family about anything you like. These sessions are not recorded so you can speak freely! I will also be on hand at the start to go into a breakout room with you if  you need additional support with anything. You can also use these sessions like Practice Club, to be with fellow harpists and get in your practice time with our community alongside you.

WEEKLY ‘What’s On’ Coach and Connect email to make sure you know exactly which classes are taking place live each week.


If you are interested in thriving at your harp and studying within a supportive community then book a FREE Harp Chat call with me today and we can discuss one to one if the Coach and Connect program will be a good fit for you! Click >>HERE<< to book a time slot! 

Felicity has been studying in full time in the Fairplay Harp School since January 2021 and shared this about her experiences so far:

When I read about Shelley’s first discount-price offer of a year’s access to every course and workshop at her harp school, I jumped at the chance.  It was just what I needed to develop both as a musician and a harpist. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut as an adult learner and signing up for the year gave me a real sense of commitment and direction while also giving me the time and opportunity to revisit teaching materials and classes.

Shelley is a generous and inspiring teacher who truly cares, and is sensitive to our needs as individuals and as a group. She challenges us to be braver, to celebrate our high points, and to name anything we have struggled with each week.  I appreciate our termly review, to check in on our aims for the coming weeks. Without doubt, I have gained confidence, technical ability and a wide-ranging repertoire over these past months.  I’m absolutely loving my year and excited to see what the next few months hold in store.  A brilliant investment if you love your harp!

What is included?

12 week Courses:

START HARP Levels 1, 2 and 3 run live three times a year,  you can take each course 3 times if you would like to!

Spring Term –  Begins January

Summer Term – Begins April

Autumn Term – Begins  September

Flourishing Harpist runs live three times a year, you can take the course 3 times if you like!

Spring Term –  Begins January

Summer Term – Begins April

Autumn Term – Begins  September

6 Week Courses:

Play Your Harp Out, Pop with Pizazz and Modes Reloaded run once a year, Prepare, Study, Perform in 6 Weeks runs three times a year, once each term. 

Play Your Harp Out!– January

Prepare, Study, Perform in 6 Weeks! – Runs live three times a year – February, November and May Start

Pop with Pizazz– September Start

Modes Reloaded– June Start

On Demand Short Online Courses:

Technique Booster Kit,

Sight-Reading Booster Kit (Coming in 2023)

Playing ‘By Ear’ Booster Kit (Coming in 2023)

Memorising Booster Kit (Coming in 2023)

30+ Archived IMMERSION Courses (approximately 90 minutes of tuition per class)

LIVE Short Online Courses:

Twelve LIVE IMMERSIONS (replays following the sessions), from whenever you join the Coach and Connect Program. Provisional dates the third Sunday of every month. The sessions run live 3PM-5PM British Time, full replays provided afterwards.

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

“If you are hesitating about signing up as a full year student, hesitate no longer. Jump in with both feet; there is so much to learn and it is worth every penny. Although I had “played at the harp” for a couple of years, I had never taken lessons so started at the beginning with Start Harp I and II, then progressed to Start Harp III and Flourishing Harpist. I took full advantage of immersion and other courses that are designed for a broad range of skill levels. Who knew I would love pop music on the harp — it’s the catchy beat and different rhythms that call to me. I would sign up as a a full time student again, but I already have access to all course materials for a second year.

Shelley makes a difference in the lives of people around the world, who happen to play harp. She is an energetic, patient, encouraging teacher who creates a welcoming, positive and nurturing environment. Immerse yourself as a full yearstudent and soak in the beautiful music, practice tips, feedback, encouragement and come away with new friendships, confidence and skills to enjoy for a lifetime.”

Judy, Full Year Student 2021

If you are interested in thriving at your harp and studying within a supportive community then book a FREE Harp Chat call with me today and we can discuss one to one if the Coach and Connect program will be a good fit for you! Click >>HERE<< to book a time slot! 

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