Challenges I faced creating START HARP!

What were the challenges involved in creating my brand new START HARP online course? 

Now that the first START HARP LEVEL 1 class has been completed and BETA run with a wonderful group of budding harpists I believe I have a somewhat rose tinted view of what creating an online class is like.  So I thought it would be interesting to revisit what the  challenges were in making START HARP happen!

Originally taking the leap of faith to actually film myself teaching and believe that it might be useful and relevant to students from across the world was a massive step. During the first few weeks I felt like I was doing a major performance every time I started recording. It took time to plan the lessons, prepare the harps/room/myself for filming, record, edit, upload, check, organise in the online classroom and then release!

Learning to edit videos was slow and made me have a very “back to school feeling” but this in itself was actually great, whilst my students were having a total immersion into beginning the harp for the very first time, I was on my own similar learning curve with the editing software. This reminded me of what it is like to be completely in the dark about something and to need total clarity and encouragement along the way.

Choosing and investing in video equipment and new software was a logistical nightmare but thankfully my trusty mentor Deborah Henson-Conant came to the rescue, she runs a brilliant program called “Harness Your Muse” and her assistance with the set up short cut a thousand steps!

Then there was the task of creating a studio with appropriate lighting and backdrop. After initially setting up in my home in our sitting/dining room for a few months I realised I couldn”t entirely take over our living space for the 12 month recording phase, the house had to change, so my husband and I set to creating a proper studio space in my harp room, everything had to move out, be re-organised and then appropriate backdrop, lighting and props moved in!

Taking a sabbatical from my one-to-one teaching for the year to make it happen has been a massive wrench, I love all my teaching and I miss my wonderful face-to-face students terribly. In 2017 when all the recording is done I look forward to returning to one-to-one lessons but as I already generally work 65+ hours a week I knew I couldn”t find another 20 hours a week any other way!

Which part was hardest? All the above combined!

Is it worth it? If I can help people all round the world take their first steps (or giant leap!) into becoming a harpist then yes so in truth that answer is yet to come, would you like to join me and help me find out?!

If you have always wanted to play the harp, or you have made the first steps and would like to take your beginner journey further see the details!

Following the successful launch and first class that started in January 2016, the next class for START HARP LEVEL 1 (BETA) starts on May 12th 2016. Registration is now open and you can sign up for LEVEL 1 by clicking >>HERE<<.

START HARP LEVEL 2 (BETA) is about to run for the very first time, also starting on the 12th of May. Registration is now open and you can sign up for LEVEL 2 by clicking >>HERE<<.

Not sure which level to take? Take this quiz >>HERE<< to help you find out!

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