Three Reasons I Love Teaching the Harp Online

Creating START HARP as an online course has opened up a whole new world to me! I”ve always enjoyed teaching but never thought I would enjoy running an online course so much. (Find out more about STARTHARP.) Why do I enjoy it? Here are my top three reasons! 1. Bringing music to life I LOVE … Read more

From Blue Peter to an Online Harp Course!

Since January 2016, I”ve been testing my new online course – START HARP. I”m excited to be running a course which is flexible, affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter where they live. (Find out more about START HARP.) Working hard to encourage people of all ages and musical abilities to start playing this amazing … Read more

Why Everyone Should Play the Harp!

The harp is, in my opinion, the GREATEST beginner instrument of all time! As long as it is in tune (which, thank goodness, due to modern technology we can do with an app on our iPhones or with an electronic tuner) the harp will sound great whatever notes you play. So often people tell me … Read more

Creating an Online Harp Course: What I’ve Learned

Now that the START HARP Level 1 and 2 classes have been completed for the first time with a wonderful group of budding harpists, I know I”ve developed a rose-tinted view of what creating an online class is like! So, I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of the challenges I faced while … Read more

Making the Most of My Harp Teaching Experience

With over ten years of teaching experience, I feel very comfortable teaching students sat next to me at their harp. Making the decision to teach online and to create START HARP changed everything. I had to think very carefully about how to present the tutorial videos and used the knowledge gained from teaching many beginner … Read more

Taking Harp Lessons Online?

A Change In Direction! Why I Decided To Take Harp Lessons Online Three years ago, I finished writing a harp tutor book for beginners called START HARP. I was delighted to have finished a project that was so long in the making! (Find out more about registering for START HARP) I had wonderful graphic designers … Read more

Lap harps – Treasure or Trash?

Lap Harps – Treasure or Trash? One man”s trash is another mans treasure. I have long felt that the lap (or knee) harp has been viewed in this light. To some it is the harp for beginners looking for an inexpensive starting point, it is the therapy harp, the wonderfully portable harp, an instrument perfect … Read more

Why I made beginner harp classes “START HARP” digital

Why I decided to make beginner classes ‘START HARP’ digital. Three years ago I finished writing my beginner harp tutor book, START HARP, I was so delighted to have finished this project that was so long in the making! I had wonderful graphic designers work on pictures to go in the book and it really … Read more

Challenges I faced creating START HARP!

What were the challenges involved in creating my brand new START HARP online course?  Now that the first START HARP LEVEL 1 class has been completed and BETA run with a wonderful group of budding harpists I believe I have a somewhat rose tinted view of what creating an online class is like.  So I thought … Read more

Start Harp – Online Beginners Harp Class – Blog

Start Harp – Have you always wanted to learn to play the harp? On the 14th of January 2016, harpist Shelley Fairplay is launching a beta test for the brand new harp course “START HARP”. Start harp is an online computer based harp class for complete beginners which enable students to access tuition from their … Read more

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