3 Special Offers for Somerset Harp Festival Delegates!

3 Fairplay Harp School Special Offers for Somerset Harp Festival Delegates!



£50 off all the 6 and 12 week courses, along with ‘sneak a peek’ access ahead of the official start dates in September/October 2021. Sign up by midnight (your time zone) on 31st July to take advantage of this double offer, just type in the coupon code SFHF50 at the checkout

Find your course and sign up on www.FairplayHarpSchool.com


Buy 1 get 1 free offer! Sign up for the Technique Booster Course for £75 (full details >HERE<) in July 2021 and you will automatically be given a FREE pass to my ‘Metronome Magic’ IMMERSION course (usually £35, full details >>HERE<<).

Sign up for OFFER 2  >>HERE<<


A Pre-Order bundle just for Somerset Harp Festival students! Order today! Your very now copy of my brand new CD ‘Harp Revelry’ (full price £15 details >>HERE<<), brand new Modes Reloaded Book (full price £15, details >>HERE< brand new publication ‘The Flourishing Harpist Practice Book” (full price £19.50) and you will receive your 3 items as signed copies as a bundle in the post following the 11th September release date for just £35 including postage. 

Sign up for OFFER 3 >>HERE<<

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