The 12 Days Of Christmas 2023!

Welcome to the 12 Days of Harpy Christmas!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas,

Shelley Sent to Thee,

The Offer of a Transformational Call!

Four Harp Music Videos
A FREE Betwixtmas Short Course
A FREE Sheet Music Download

and a
Thank You To
Our Global Harp Family!



Today I want to offer your the chance to MAKE A TRANSFORMATION in 2023! Perhaps you have you been looking to improve your flow, play with a more musical tone, enhance your technique, expand knowledge or develop more effective practice skills?

Book a FREE call with me today and we will look at where you are at, where you want to go and how you CAN get there in 2023! 

Just to let you know there are only 20 spots available and there are over 3000 people in my network, these calls will be booked on a first come first served basis.



Shelley Fairplay

In case you missed it…
On the Fourth Day of Christmas,
Shelley Sent to Thee,
Four Harp Music Videos

Today I thought I would share with you a few harp videos; something silly, something heartfelt, a celebration and something short! 

1. Something silly “This is so cool! How does Harpist Shelley Fairplay play 3 harps in this one piece without video editing?” Somerset Harp Festival. Watch >>HERE<<.
2. Something heartfelt, the ‘Alone Together’ album release concert which you can watch >>HERE<<.
3. A celebration of Dynamic Harps Ensemble which you can watch >>HERE<<.
4. Something super short! Only got a minute to spare?! Check out this fun little time-lapse video! Watch >>HERE<<.

Let me know which video you like best! 


Shelley Fairplay

In case you missed it…
On the Third Day of Christmas,
Shelley Sent to Thee,A FREE Betwixtmas Short Course

I hope you are keeping well and finding time with your harp at this busy time of year! If you are looking to spend some time at the harp over the next few days and feel like a new tune or two you are most welcome to take a look at my FREE online IMMERSION class by signing up >>HERE<<.

In this IMMERSION  we will focus on two original contrasting pieces, one is ‘Spring Tide of Hope’ a piece that flows and swells like a high tide coming in and then gently fades away, it has proved very popular in workshops with my Dynamic Harps students. The second is a piece is called ‘Growing for the Future’ and it a tune I wrote to premier at the 9th National Botanic Garden of Wales family harp weekend. It is named after their ‘Growing the Future’ project that has already involved over 5000 people being trained in planting, sowing and growing. I like to think there are lots of crossovers here for START HARP where we are planting, sowing and growing more harpists for the future! Both pieces can be played as a solo or in a group.In this short course we work on:

  • A warm up designed to work on even flow and good tone control.
  • Look at exercises related to the main pieces to focus in on tricky sections (Everyday Exercises).
  • Look at two different techniques for playing with ‘xylophonic effect’ on your harp.
  • Learn the tune from sheet music ‘Growing for the Future’.
  • Look at some ‘free’ improvisation ideas that can be used to extend the music.
  • We learn the main features of ‘A Spring Tide of Hope’ by ear and I will also share the sheet music of the full piece with you.

Shelley Fairplay is a soloist, arranger, coach, ensemble leader and creator of the online Fairplay Harp School ( Her over 20 years of teaching experience is far reaching, ranging from one-to-one lessons from beginner to university level, ensemble teaching regularly and as a guest tutor for groups and harp festivals, whole class music teaching including specifically for harp and of course online teaching with twelve week courses START HARP and The Flourishing Harpist, six week courses, IMMERSION workshops and the Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble.


Shelley Fairplay

In can you missed it…
On the Second Day of Christmas,
Shelley Sent to Thee,A FREE sheet MusicDownload 

Please download and enjoy this free PDF music of “Dreaming of Dyffryn”. I wrote this tune back in early 2021 as a reflection about a beautiful place we love to go to as a family near to where I live. I wanted to share this as a gift for the ‘second day of Christmas’ at this time of year where many people will be spending extra time with friends and family near and far.This is the first time ever tune I wrote and released on Patreon, I have now shared 24 tunes on the platform (you can read more about my Patreon account >>HERE<<. I also recorded a version of this tune on my latest album ‘Alone Together’ which you can read about more >>HERE<<.

#happyharping!Shelley Fairplay

In can you missed it…
On the First Day of Christmas,
Shelley Sent to Thee,A Thank You To
Our Global Harp Family!

I would love to start the ‘12 Days if Christmas’ by thanking the wonderful global harp family for all your happy harp music and sharing throughout the year. 

A big congratulations to all involved in the Fairplay Harp School online courses this year, it has been a joy spending time with you, seeing you thriving, hearing your beautiful music, exploring and solving challenges together and of course celebrating success! I am so proud of you all!

Thank you everyone in the harp school, Patreon, online and in person for all your support, I couldn’t do any of this without you.

Merry Christmas and I look forward to sharing all sorts with you over the next 12 days! Let’s make 2023 a harpy year to remember together!


Shelley Fairplay

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